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Ridglan Farms, Inc. is a USDA Class A dog breeder as well as a USDA licensed Class R research facility. We have a full time veterinarian on staff who will supervise all research studies at our facility. At Ridglan Farms, Inc. we have a breeding colony which consists of approximately 750 bitches and 70 stud dogs. We have sixteen whelping rooms with twenty individual whelping kennels per room, four separate nurseries each housing 200-300 puppies ages 2-4 months, and two grower barns with dogs ranging in age from 4 to 18 months old. We have an extensive historical data base for reproductive performance, pedigrees, hematology/blood chemistry, and genetic anomalies which can be utilized for your research purposes. Listed below are some of the services we currently provide, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of a service not listed.Research services offered at Ridglan Farms, Inc.

Nutritional studies

  • gestation/lactation
  • growth
  • palatability

Vaccine studies

  • safety studies
  • post vaccination titers

Drug safety studies for a wide variety of age groups

  • fetal
  • neonatal
  • juvenile
  • adult
  • geriatric – limited to older bitches and studs as available

Assistance with reproductive studies
Organ harvesting
Serum, plasma and whole blood

We do not conduct toxicology studies or studies which require euthanasia at the conclusion of the study.

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